Sheww…..time flies and it’s been a month since I updated the progress on our house….it seems like I just did an update last week !!

Good news, Corey is still alive……we have not killed each other yet.  We are still employing the strategy of working until dark and falling

into bed exhausted, whatever works….right?

One thing I have learned in this process is we both have projects that are important to each of us……Corey hates the piles of

brush and wood that accumulate and LOVES to set them on fire.  Luckily we have had a lot of rain this year to accommodate his

need to burn any piles.

So what’s my thing you may wonder………well some girls like shoes……I love trees… can never have enough trees.  We have lots of trees already,

so you can imagine the look on Corey’s face when the truck and I came rolling down the driveway with more trees to plant.  Good fences and

lots of trees make good neighbors 🙂

So last time I promised pictures of the laundry……..the dog kennels serve multiple purposes……dog corralling, laundry drying, and the awning is

tied off to each kennel in hopes that any wind will not ripe the awning off the side of the camper.

So if you have not been convinced yet that we are related to the Clampetts this should seal the deal………it is a bug zapper, we plug it in every night.

The mosquitos have been horrible and they find me particularly delicious.  I love to wear shorts all summer and my legs look like a war zone……that

might be oversharing some.  None the less I fall asleep quickly every night to the sound of the bug zapper frying those little bastards.

To counter act the “hillbilliness”  of our living situation I have tried to add in a little Martha Stewart feeling.

The property is a nice mix of trees and meadows , however in the trees is brush that is so thick you can’t walk thru it…..and I am convinced

it’s in part to blame for the horrific amount of mosquitos around.  So with the help of Craiglist we have found the answer……..The Billy Goat.  It’s a walk

behind brush cutter, it weighs a ton and seems to be able to chew through just about anything.  So last weekend I began the war against

the brush.

This area above is the next area on deck, below is the area I tackled last weekend…… looked just like above before I started

Now for the house……..this is the great room that was added on to the existing structure.

We are having covered porches on both the front and back of the house and they are coming along.

Corey about had heart failure when he saw me testing barn red paint on some of the tongue and groove boards that were going on the porch……his

exact words were “I hate it.”…………. those words went in one ear and out the other.   This is the underside of the porch and it will go on the

soffit too.

When he got home last night I was at my office and I got a text that said….”Great call on the red t and g under porches.  It looks awesome. U da man.”

The subs are working inside so the plumbing and electrical are all almost roughed in.  The holes are dug for the barn poles and that is supposed to

start on Thursday……’s a peek at what the barn will look like……….I hope you are all having a great summer.


  1. Sue

    Thanks for the update and photos. It is really coming along. It looks like a ton of work–but it is looking great. I love the red!! Just remember to keep your sense of humor in your back pocket at all times 🙂

  2. Michele

    Thanks Sue………seems like we will never get done 🙂 And yes, the sense of humor is always close, otherwise I’m pretty sure I would be making a trip to the nut house 🙂 I love the red more everyday………….even Corey can’t help looking at it everytime he walks under the porch.

  3. MC

    I wish I understood the charts, but no matter… I am here to see progress on the homestead! You guys are doing a great job on the property. Count us as in as fans of the red!


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