Why Swing Trade??

Why Swing Trading:


Swing trading gives the setups room and time to work with set risk.  How many times do you look back at a setup you have traded and say…….”if I had only held it longer?”  Most good setups need time to continue to play out. 

Maybe you work full-time outside of trading and would like to trade part-time, you can’t be in front of the computer all day, swing  trading give you the ability to do that.


Swing trading is generally a slower pace of trading, making it great for new traders to learn without the pressure of needing to make the trade work the same day. 


      Things to Consider:

  1. You need a Trade Plan

-How will you find your setups?

-How will you determine entries?

-How will you set your risk levels?

-How will you manage the trade?

-What are your options for exiting the trade?

-What timeframes will you use in your trading?

  1. What tools are in your toolbox?




-moving averages?

-other technical indicators such as stochastic, MACD,  RSI?

-how do the indicators you choose to use work, and in what environment

does each work best in?

  1. Pros/Cons of Swing Trading:

-Typically a slower, more relaxed style of trading…several days to several weeks

-good for growing small accounts

-good for part-time traders who can’t be in front of the computer all day

-risk holding overnight with unexpected news

-easy to micro-manage if you are staring at your positions all the time


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