Swing Chat Rules

Welcome to the swing trade chat room. This room has a slower style of trading, we have a mix of swing setups as well as some intraday trades. The intraday trades typically are geared towards being over a longer intraday timeframe, several hours rather than minutes.

We also enjoy some general market related discussion during the slower trading times, often over the lunch hour.

We encourage everyone to post their ideas and setups……we prefer charts with your setup so we can all see and understand what you are looking at…..if no charts please provide the ticker in caps, the timeframe you are looking at and the setup you see.

We like good questions in chat, we can all learn from the answers provided. You can also PM the mods for help by double clicking on their name.

Please do not ask what do you think of XYZ……..the room is geared towards helping everyone think on their own, put what you see as the setup and if you need help with it to see if you are seeing it correctly then include that as well and we will be glad to help out.

Please do not post individual entries and exits…..everyone in the room is responsible for deciding if the setup fits their criteria and exactly where they will enter and exit. Please do not give us updates every .10 or .20 cents.

Please be respectful of everyone in the room, we are all trading in here, if you PM a mod or someone and they don’t answer you right away they are busy trading, helping someone else, or may be away from their desk.

To paste into chat, use CTRL-V on Windows, or Command-V on Mac. To copy from chat, use CTRL-C on Windows, or Command-C on Mac.

Here is some of the chat lingo that we use:

o/b=over bought

o/s=over sold

reset=Michele uses this term in the timeframe she is trading referring to the slow stochastics resetting from o/b to o/s or vise versa

slow stochs=slow stochastics, which is a specific technical indicator, Michele uses the default setting in ThinkorSwim 80,20,10,10

perking=term referring to a stock that’s been on watch or nearing an important level moving some.

ss-short sell

market internals=a setup Michele uses within TOS(Thinkorswim) that combines the up volume/down volume, advancing vs. declining stocks, and ticks which help confirm market direction or changes in market direction, there is a webinar on these under the TOF resources link.

Hod=high of day

Lod=low of day

Ups=stock moving higher

r/g=stock moving red to green on the day

g/r=stock moving green to red on the day

b/e=break even