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 Sunday night and still on the road so I thought I would share some pictures from my trip.  My friend Tammy and I meet up in Lexington, Kentucky to go to the Rolex 3Day Event.  It’s beautiful here……….green grass everywhere you look,  miles of board fences surrounding perfectly manicured horse farms.  I’m pretty sure this must be very close to heaven.

3 Day Eventing is an equestrian event where a horse and rider compete in dressage the first day, cross-country on the second day and then stadium jumping on the third day.  The Rolex event is a big deal and horses come from all over the world to compete.

Dressage in simple terms is like ballet for the horse and rider.


 The second day is the cross-country (my favorite) where the horses go at a full gallop cross- country (4+ miles) and navigate many very large and intimidating jumps.


There were even some fish, including a nice Rainbow in the water complex as one of the jumps.

 The third day they compete in stadium jumping.

 Great Britains William Fox-Pitt won this year and Allison Springer from the US was second.  If you are interested in more info or seeing some video you can go to the Rolex site here

The Kentucky Horse Park had several demonstrations of going on throughout the event, including a great demonstration of a group of Friesian Horses………..they are gorgeous !

I have to admit to also being on Corgi patrol while I was there……….I just don’t feel right without being able to hug and kiss a Corgi daily……..I found this one irresistible and had thoughts of how I could smuggle him back to Montana in my luggage if I could kidnap him from his owner.  His name was AuggieDog and he was an Australian Shepard/Corgi X.








It was a great weekend full of some of my favorite things………….hope you all had a good weekend too !


  1. Miles

    looks like fun, you have to take me next year 😉

  2. Michele

    We would have lots fun !!


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