Birthday Fishing


A few weeks ago the annual Virgo Birthday fishing trip was held…… girlfriend, Holly, aka Cupcake and I share very close birthdays and

 every year we take a day to float the river and fish together.

This is Cupcake.

Corey drew the unlucky straw to row us down the upper Madison, not only did he have to row, but he put up with

our shenanigans;  which start with of course….the Birthday Crown……..there are usually two Birthday Crowns, but

I lost mine from last year……so we shared.

Last year we both caught some really nice fish on our trip, so of course we expected even bigger fish this year.

Cupcake broke the ice by catching this little guy right off the bat….

There were a few more small ones, but why take any more pictures of those, we were waiting to land the monster

birthday fish…………..and waiting , and waiting, and waiting…..

So maybe I will take some pictures of the mountains….

still waiting…..more silly pictures of my fried chicken for lunch….

And more eating….

We even let Corey off his rowing duties to see if he would have any luck.

Someone apparently forget to send out the birthday notice to the big fish, they did not want to play……..  Cupcake and I still

had a fun trip, there was lots of loud cackling coming from our boat…….and Corey was a good sport to put up with us for the day !!

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  1. truman

    great photos!! looks like fun


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