Christmas Tree Hunting


So yesterday was the annual hunt for the Christmas tree.  In the past it has alway been the whole family…….well now the kids are

all almost grown and off doing their own things, Lindsay is the only one left at home and  had other plans so it was up to Corey and I to carry on the tradition.

I had made a small reference a few weeks ago about a beautiful artificial tree that Target had…….the reply my husband gave went something

like this……” ……grumble grumble….burning inferno if one ever shows up in our house !!”  So you get the idea…….no fake trees here.  It was

cold and snowing, but we loaded the dogs up and headed out.

On our way out of the driveway it comes to mind to ask Corey if he has the saw……..his eyes roll in his head  ..”Yes I have the saw” he says.

Now one might wonder why I get the attitude when I ask a simple, innocent question.  Well that would be because for the last 13 years he

gets asked that question every year….because 13 years ago we went out to get the tree and he took my chainsaw….I knew how my chainsaw felt about Corey (it

usually wouldn’t start for him)  and I asked if he wanted to take a hand saw too………….”Of course not, I have your chainsaw”  ……..OK I say.

Well and hour later up in the mountains with the kids all unloaded sledding Corey and I spent an hour trying to get the chainsaw started….no luck……we walked back to

the truck to see what else might be in the truck to cut down the tree with…………the only thing that was there was a shovel.  So Corey spent another

45 minutes shoveling down our Christmas tree, yes he hacked down the tree with a shovel…………..the kids had a great time sledding and I had a sore tongue from biting not to say


Ah the memories 🙂

So here’s this years trip ……….

We took a last minute detour to a “new” spot.

Lily and Cowboy had their jackets on, Bellas so fluffy she doesn’t need one.


Lots of walking and hiking, you wouldn’t think in a forest full of trees finding the right one would be so diffcult.  Well it was about a 2 hour search.

And the snow was a little wet and Bella gets bad snowballs in her toes and dog armpits, so Corey had to carry her

on the way back to the truck.

We actually loaded up and went up the road because we couldn’t find a tree…we weren’t being picky we really

couldn’t find one that had branches all the way around or didn’t have huge bare spots in it….but finally one was spotted.

It’s up in the living room and is going to get decorated tonight.

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