Horn Hunting


Lily and I joined my friend Holly and her dog Peter Parker for a little horn hunting yesterday morning.

here are Holly and Peter Parker……Holly had found a really nice shed when she was out last weekend and was hoping

we could find the matching horn to it this weekend.

The views were gorgeous…….

I have to admit on this one I was just trying to get the mountains in the distance and didn’t even see the buffalo until

I got home and looked at the pictures on my computer…….my eyes are getting bad 🙁

We had a good hike and saw quite a bit of fresh elk sign……..on the way out Holly spotted this small group of elk

we must have pushed out of the timber, they weren’t in a big hurry so we got to watch them for awhile.

They hopped the fence and then headed up the other side of the valley.

It was a good morning to be out…….we did not find the matching horn to the one Holly found, but did

go home with this for a consolation prize.


  1. kevin

    Awesome! Btw, thanks for your advice in IU chat!

    • Michele

      You are welcome !

    • Michele

      It is….I am lucky to live here.


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