And so it begins…………


I am quite certain that I will soon be re-naming my Gone Fishin section to Gone Crazy.  I contemplated for awhile now whether to

blog on this or not…… would have been much easier to just share the “before” and “after” photos, but in the end I decided it

would be a good way to journal this adventure and hopefully provide some amusement for those who want to follow along 🙂  Corey and

I purchased a piece of property just across the road from where we live now, it’s slightly larger and a chance for us to mostly do things

exactly the way we would like from start to finish.  We have lived in our existing house for 15 years, the kids grew up here and we

have many good memories and stories  from it……the kids are all basically grown now and it was an opportunity for us to start a new

chapter.   This piece of property has been sitting vacant for about 30 years…..there is the start of a house there that was never

finished.  Here is the picture of the existing structure, we are going to use part of this……..but the final house will look nothing like this.

We have found the reason the house was never finished………..many piles of Hamm’s and Burgie beer cans…all empty.  I am sure

we will be adding to these piles.

The propery has lots of potential………that is code for we will be working our asses off for the next few years.

We will have a seasonal creek that runs thru the pasture.

There was no road in or way to get across the creek………so we did get the start of a road and a 4 foot culvert  in this winter.

We have also started gathering the small amount of downed timber that has been accumulating

for the last 30+years…………the local fire department has a special line setup just for us.

There is Hounds Tongue everywhere……aka cockelburs…..I will get a picture of what Bella looks like covered with

these…’s an hour long process of picking them out of the dogs after they have been over there.

We do have two very cool Great Horned Owls living there, one is nesting…….and everytime I have seen them I have not

had my camera, rest assured there will be plenty of pictures of them in my blog to come.

Corey loves to putter with his tractor and has started working on the fencing.

We did actually get a bid to have someone come in to do part of the fencing for us……we are what I like to call “Thrifty”……what

we really are is cheap, tighter than Dicks hatband, etc….you get the picture, basically in the end we mostly end up doing things

ourselves.  So off Corey went to the local farm supply store and bought an auger for his tractor.

We have learned thru 15 years of marraige there are some things we just don’t do well together, fencing is one of them…….it often leads

to world war 3 and it’s just not worth it.  My help is limited to helping lay out were the fence is going, what materials we are going to use  and holding up the rails

while he nails…………..however the dogs are good at keeping him company ……….

We listed our house for sale by owner, thinking it would take awhile to sell and that we would have time to get part of the

house finished, the fencing done, the barn started, etc.  It sold in 5 weeks……we have to be out May 22nd, barring nothing

going sideways on the sale.  I hate moving………I hate renting worse than I hate moving, remember the above mentioned

“thrifty” comment.  We are not really sure yet what the plan is….we have looked at buying an older RV to live in

on the propery……we are also considering this………..

This is our tenting from my bow hunting tag 2 years ago… is the 2 room model 🙂

I am also trying to find office space to work from…..I think I have a place found nearby, but nothing for sure just yet.  We have been working on

plans, meeting with builders, picking cabinets, counter tops, etc etc…… things are

just slighty crazy at my house right now.  I hope to update  this every few weeks, providing I am not locked in the looney bin !!!


  1. Josh

    Good luck Michele! It looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you. Hopefully this project won’t take away the time that you use to post the awesome charts…

    • Michele

      Hi Josh……….I plan to continue posting charts on my usual schedule of 3 times a week, however if I miss a day here and there you will know why and can hopefully cut me alittle slack !!
      Michele 🙂


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