Moving forward…………


 I keep telling myself……”one foot in front of the other…”  We  have still been working on getting things moved/stored/sold at our

existing house…….still on track to be out in 2 weeks.  I have found an office space, signing the lease friday and hopefully getting

moved in next week.  We had a big garage sale last weekend and got rid of lots of stuff, what didn’t sell the thrift store was

kind enough to come pick up.  Amazing what a collection we have after 15 years here, and I don’t think of myself as a collector.

 The power company came by and fixed us up at the new place, so power is good.

The creek started flowing since my last update too………..the dogs love playing in it and then jumping

back in my car, dirty and wet.

The foundation was excavated last week and they poured the footings today.

The Great Horned Owl hatched 2 babies………..they are fun to watch everyday.

And most importantly we are not living in a tent………..we found an older RV that would fit the bill.  It’s small, well I like to

think of it as cozy.  It’s a Nomad Weekender……….hhmmm, maybe that’s like a warning sign that it’s good for short weekend

trips, not for extened stays into next Fall.  I wanted to get one that had a slide out, but Corey found this one.  My 2 cents was that

with the two of us and four, yes FOUR dogs it would be, um, well, cozy.  He really liked this one and I was fine with it……I was fine with a tent.

Lily already likes it.

So that’s the update for now…….I sure all the juicy stuff will come once we have actually moved in, so stay tuned 🙂

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