Montana Hillbillies


It’s been awhile since my last update……we are FINALLY moved over to the new property and have taken up residence in the camper.  That would

be the two of us, 4 dogs, 1 cat, and the ponies.  You can just start calling us Jed and Elly May.

We have power, heat and running water…….very……..however we are not connected to septic, so taking the risk of

over-sharing with all of you……….

 The dogs have their swimming pool setup since the creek is still running too high for them to take a dip in.

The Great Horned Owl babies are now flying and still hanging around.

The house is coming along……we had almost 2 weeks of rain which delayed things some.

This is looking from the kitchen, thru the dining room and beyond the great room.

This is looking from the dining room down into the great room.

Here’s the view out the kitchen door to where the new covered porch will be.

Downstairs with the old walls torn out and the new walls framed in.

Jade and Cody like their temporary pens….since Goose had surgery she  is still at the old house in her stall until the middle of July under

doctors orders.

The creek is still running high with the rain and spring runoff.

Now every girl knows a large walk in closet is important……..and that is no different, even if you are living

in a Nomad Weekender….

It’s really just because there is absolutely no storage in the camper……and I didn’t want to wear the same 3 things all summer.

And now for the key to marital bliss during this process………….

That would be the beer cooler, stocked full of ice cold ones right outside the camper door.

We have several friends taking bets on how long before we want to kill each other……however I must say I think they have

underestimated us 🙂  So far so good……the true key to happiness in cramped living quarters is to work hard until it’s

dark, about 9 or 10pm here and fall into bed dog tired and wake up and do it all over the next day!!  My least favorite

thing so far is going to the laundry mat…….I haven’t done that since college, however I skip the dryers and just bring it home

and hang everything on the dog kennels, in true redneck fashion……..I will get pictures for the next update.


  1. truman

    Love it!! What a great adventure to have. I am sure you will have a few challenging moments, but you have to admit… this is destined to be one great memory 🙂 Really enjoy the pics and updates-thanks.

  2. Michele

    Thanks Sue……..more to come for sure 🙂


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