August Already ??…………..

The homefront continues to move forward at a steady pace………mostly all of the subs have been in working since my last update…

plumbers, electricians, insulation and the sheetrockers are there today. Corey works in the insulation

industry, I call him the God of Foam………so we have the extra special insulation package on the house, he claims we will be

able to heat the house with a candle.

Various piles of lumber continue to show up and disappear.

The windows came in and 2 of the 3 big ones were broken………luckily the replacements arrived in one piece.

We continue to work on clearing the YEARS of downed trees and brush that has accumulated.  We have also found

evidence of why so much was left undone here.

 The little John Deere has been priceless for clearing out the old growth.

The irrigation system is finally in and working………there are lots of steps to get it up and running each time……Corey

painstakingly went thru them with me with special emphasis on CLOSING THE VALVE to the primer before starting the pump.

So what do I do the very first time I try to run this thing myself……….not close the valve and wreck the primer.  Corey went and

bought another and it going to rebuild the one I wrecked so we have a backup……….ie he thinks I will do it again…….he is probably right.

 Corey continues to work on fencing…….he hates this section on the west side of the property……he can often be heard cursing

in the trees.  The ground is full of rocks which means the posts don’t set solid and the hole you dig for each post ends up being

4 ft across.  He set his brace posts for one section and went to stretch the fence and it pull the brace posts out of the ground. I try to

steer clear of that general area.

The campsite has been just fine this summer…….we are both still alive 🙂  I have gotten several questions on

the blue outhouse………yes we use it, no the camper is not connected to the septic, there was no way to get the camper

set close enough to the septic to use the bathroom facilities in the camper, no I am not scared to go out in the middle of the

night to use the blue room……I may end up stumbling around half asleep trying to find it , we are thankful for Thursdays….the day

the service company comes each week to empty the blue room (over-sharing?)  I guess growing up camping and being very

outdoorsy I never gave using an outhouse much thought 🙂

We have started work on the barn.

We did go with red again under the outside stalls.

So here’s the house so far………….I hope you are all having a great summer.

And just a quick reminder of where we started from….






















  1. Sue

    It is looking great!! You are making some good progress, that has to feel good. I cannot believe how much you have gotten done. Fantastic porch, looks like a place for good times. Hang in there. Thanks for the photos.

  2. Michele

    Thanks Sue !!


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