Rolling along.


The work on the house  keeps moving forward, although there were a few delays with the sheet rockers and tapers, but

that is finally done.  Painting is next and then flooring and cabinets.  Brian says we will be in atleast the upstairs

by the 3rd week of September.

We have had visitors all summer………..mostly the furry kind………these twins with their mom have been hanging

around all summer and seem oblivious to us.


The big progress we have had this month is on the four-legged part of the project.  The barn is coming along well

and the horses will probably be moving into their new digs the same time we move into the house.

And the dirt work was finished in less than a week on the arena.

At the risk of putting you to sleep reading this there is much more of a science to  building an arena than you

would think.  They roll and compact the pit run until it’s set like concrete………it also is crowned for drainage side

to side and front to back.

Then they bring in 6 inches of natural fines…….compact, roll, wet , repeat.

And then finally 3 inches of washed sand to top it off.

The dogs love the creek……..

Abby has decided she’s part fish and takes every opportunity to run down and go for a swim.  Which means wet, muddy dog back

at the camper 🙁

Hope you are all enjoying your summer………..the nights are starting to get cooler here, so Fall’s right around the corner.


  1. Sue

    It is looking great. You must be so happy to see it all coming together!! Dogs look like they are having a good time too. Keep it up… you are getting closer. It will be sweet when you get to start moving in.

  2. Michele

    Thanks Sue………you will need to come visit us someday 🙂


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