Finally we moved in this weekend.  Things are not done done, but done enough for us to move in.  There are

several things I am so thankful for …….a regular hot shower , a washer and dryer, the fact that I don’t

have to go outside to the outhouse in the chilly morning, that fact that I don’t have to worry about hitting my

 head on the ceiling when I sit up in bed, and that I have a real kitchen to cook in, just  to name a few things off

the top of my head.  Now these pictures are not from this weekend, I want to wait a few more weeks to get the” close to done” pics.

One thing that was driving me nuts this summer was the multiple piles of dirt we had around the property and all of the rocks

in the yard, I guess basically that it looked like a construction site and didn’t look “pretty”.  Well the dirt guys

finally showed up and made things much better.


Unfortunately there were several trees that had to come down to make way for the garage pad and the driveway

back to the garage……..those trees had been the subject of multiple heated discussions between Corey and I……and I

spent hours trying to figure out a way to keep them, they came down and I will be warming up my shovel in the

Spring to replant new ones.

 IMG_1089 IMG_1090 IMG_1091 IMG_1092

Three days later……..TADA……now the landscapers just need to come and put in some sod and mulch.


Corey supervising the trim staining…….

IMG_1094 IMG_1095

The laundry room shaping up…….this is of course before the washer and dryer were in.


The dog shower is going to come in handy if I don’t get my landscaping done soon.


The eating bar in the kitchen is reclaimed wood and has had many coats of varnish on it.

IMG_1100 IMG_1101

This is the powder room sink, the same reclaimed wood and a copper miners pan for the sink.


A preview of the rock going on the master shower floor……..this it going to feel great on the feet.


The tile is in in the master bath floor. IMG_1104

We are getting some nice Fall colors this year, sometimes it just gets too cold too quick and everything turns

brown and falls off the trees.

IMG_1107 IMG_1108

The barn and the house are still waiting on siding.


The garage will go here, hopefully before the snow sticks.


All of the doors that need to be stained .


Brian working on staining them.

IMG_1113 IMG_1114

The ponies still like their new setup.  I promise an update in a few weeks that should have the interior mostly

done, and maybe some siding too.



  1. Sue

    Congratulations!! Things are really shaping up and looking great. I love your reclaimed wood, miners sink and shower stones. Nice style… beautiful touches. What a treat to get to move in. Almost there… thanks for sharing.

  2. Sue

    Who is the white horse? I don’t think I have seen him/her before.

  3. Michele

    Hi Sue,
    Thanks……we are enjoying being in………so much room compared to the camper. The white horse is my mare, Goose, she was gray ……but now getting older and the gray’s eventually turn white…….she is pregnant and due next June, so she will be the subject of upcoming blog posts here for sure. Hope your travels go well.

  4. Sue

    Hi Michele, I bet you are having a busy and productive weekend. I hope the weather is OK and you are feeling super accomplished. What great timing to get in your home. Winter is coming fast.

    Goose looks very pretty as a white horse. Are you going to keep her colt? Have you ever raised a colt to train and keep? It will make for some fun shots no doubt.

    All is well here. I am just starting to do my scans and go over yours. Thank you, they are always helpful. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and will see you in the room.

  5. Michele

    Hi Sue……box by box we are getting unpacked, no hurry and the warm woodstove seems to make us both want to sit on the couch and stare into the flames :). It has been many years since I have raised any colts, we had several when I was growing up, so I am looking forward to having another around, they are cute beyond words………..not sure if we will keep it or not yet. Hope your week goes well.


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