Nearing the end.

I’m not sure how a month has gone by since my last update, but it has.  We have been very lucky with mostly

nice weather this Fall so lots of the outside projects continue to make forward progress.  The front of the barn

is starting to look like it belongs in the nine million re-runs of Lonesome Dove that we watched in the camper

this summer………that was the plan.


I finally got to plant my last two Aspen trees from this summer……….and I am so glad that some landscaping

has gotten done this Fall…….less muddy dog feet on the new floors…..I didn’t say none, just less.



Bella loves the big rock in the front…….she is the Queen after all.


The giant pile of logs Corey moved over from the new house is now a giant pile of chopped wood, ready for

me to burn in the woodstove all winter.


Corey loves fencing………..NOT……..however he just can’t help himself and continues to work on getting it done.


The kitchen is finished…..I like it……it beats the camper anyday of the week.

IMG_1129 - Copy - Copy

I especially like the knobs I found for the drawers.

IMG_1130 - Copy - Copy

I especially like the fir floors, they really turned out nice, Cowboy likes them too.

IMG_1131 - Copy - Copy

I found some killer chairs in the clearance section of a local  store,  nineteen cents on the dollar…… I just

need a table, we may be having Thanksgiving sitting in nice chairs around a plywood table on sawhorses……which

works fine too.

IMG_1133 - Copy - Copy

I like the copper miners sink in the powder room.

IMG_1134 - Copy - Copy

I could not get a good picture of the shower, it turned out well, corrugated metal walls and river rock

on the floor, which feels great on the feet 🙂

IMG_1135 - Copy - Copy IMG_1136 - Copy - Copy

The great room is mostly done, Brian still has to finish the bar………..alittle empty, I am still searching for more

furniture for the same price as the chairs, not having much luck there.  The woodstove is great, so warm, we are

heating the whole house with one fire a day right now.

IMG_1138 - Copy - Copy

We also installed another smaller stove downstairs.

IMG_1139 - Copy - Copy

More fencing for Corey……he did finish the pen off the barn…….the ugly green panels will be replaced with nice

wood gates when he has time. IMG_1145 - Copy - Copy

And he finished the arena as well……….all by himself, I can take no credit here ………

IMG_1148 - Copy

He’s got his roping chutes done and ready for steers next Spring.

 IMG_1149 - Copy IMG_1151 - Copy

While I was out taking pictures Goose was taking a walk thru the woods.  She’s 13 now,  a Dutch Warmblood and we

have had her for 7 years……she is pregnant and due next year.

IMG_1152 - Copy IMG_1153 - Copy

Goose you look very pregnant, you are not due until June…………


Brian is great, he’s our builder, and we are so thankful for him…..he can do anything and has made this whole

process go smoothly.  Love you Brian.

IMG_1158 IMG_1159

And finally this week the siding is going on.  I love the siding and the red trim around the windows.

 IMG_1160 IMG_1161 IMG_1162

Just a quick reminder of what this looked like when we started last May.


And how have we made it to this point, including living in a small camper with 4 dogs all summer……….just ask

Abby.  LOL



  1. Sue

    FANTASTIC!! Congratulations. It looks beautiful, you must be thrilled. Did Bella get on that rock herself? Wishing you many wonderful memories in your new home. Well done. What an adventure.

  2. Sandro Splendore

    Love it. Congrats

  3. Michele

    Thanks….we are very lucky and are definately enjoying the house….Bella did get on the rock by herself. I will probably do one more update when everythings “done done”, but hopefully now I can get back to a few fishing stories on the “Gone Fishin” section instead of just the house 🙂


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