No Cats Were Harmed in this Production……..

No Cats Were Harmed in this Production……..

       I have been very tardy in doing any posts for my Gone Fishin section, so today I thought at least I would go out and

take a few pictures of Pete, the new pony Corey brought home last weekend.  Meet Pete……Pete came from

very far eastern Montana……so far east you could throw a rock and it would land in North Dakota.  He came

from a ranch there and his previous  job duties included working in a feedlot, some barrel racing, and general

ranch horse work…….including some roping.  Pete’s new job title will be Team Roping Pony/ Heading…..and

his new thoughts include things like……..”I have hit the jackpot…these people clean up my mess twice a day,

feed me twice a day, make sure my water is fresh, make sure I have a nice shelter from the weather, turn me out

in the pasture everyday, make sure I have nice soft footing to rope and chase steers in,

scratch me in all my itchy  spots, give me snacks, and tell me constantly how handsome I am”


Pete’s new friend is Marcade, who already knows all of  Pete’s above mentioned thoughts because he used to be a race

horse and came to live here too a year and half ago…..he lived in a stall most of his 7 years before he came to live

here and now his favorite activity is being a horse…..he loves being free to trot and gallivant around the pasture…..

everyday it’s the same thing when he’s turned out in the big pasture ….I think he’s just enjoying life and room to be a horse….to roll,

stretch his legs, BUCK, BUCK some more , and generally carry on with his silly nonsense.  And make no mistake,

He is the MOST handsome boy in the barn……and he’s told that multiple times a day.


I often think looking into his eyes I see a reflection of my soul.


Ponies often enjoy giving each other back scratches so Marcade was going to give Pete a little back scratch.


However, that thought was promptly interrupted with the appearance of Stella, another recent addition

to our family…….the barn cat, turned mostly  house cat (however still upholding her end of the agreement

on the mouse control issues)………and BOSS of the dogs.



Both ponies found Stella intriguing.



Ooopps………off the rail goes Stella with a overzealous nose shove from Marcade.


But that did not deter Stella, she is the Boss of the dogs and will not be shoved around by a 1200 pound horse.


However, what did happen next was pretty interesting……….Stella was rubbing on Marcades nose.


And it appeared that Marcade thought Stella was looking for a back scratch.

IMG_2215 IMG_2216 IMG_2217 IMG_2218 IMG_2219

Crazy right?  He did not bite her and she just loved all over him.  I thought for sure snapping pictures that

Marcade was set to have both of Stella’s paws…with claws fully extended……planted firmly on either side of his nose.

Stella may be the Boss of the horses now too.


  1. diamonsinthedirt

    Awww, great pictures! Lol, those darn cats, they definitely rule over everything..or so it seems!


    Great pics and story line seems you have other hidden talents as well as #charts #trading #flyfishing #bowhunting and now #photagraphy Nice!!

  3. ruthh

    What beautiful pictures and love the commentary, cats always rule!

  4. eranshl

    Wow ! amazing pictures.

  5. Michele

    Thanks…..glad you all enjoyed the pictures.

  6. grababeer

    beautiful animals

  7. jwcphoto

    That is just insanely adorable.

  8. juls

    Loved these pictures and the story behind them, what wonderful creatures!

  9. Truman

    Love, love, love. What great fun. Thank you for sharing pictures and commentary. I cannot believe the cat. Who knew 🙂 Good stuff.

    • Michele

      Thanks Sue…….that cat must have 129 lives 🙂


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