Random Parts and Pieces.

Random Parts and Pieces.

Last weekend brought the arrival of the roping steers (boys)…….or in this case this year, the roping

heifers(girls)……the fellow Corey gets them from every Spring had sold out of every steer he had

so he parted with a few of the heifers (which he normally holds back for his breeding herd)  Roping

cattle up here have been in high demand the last few years and are hard to come by.

                  IMG_2381 IMG_2383

There is always a brave one in the group…..


And once one goes, they all go………not exactly sure what happened here, the one laying on her

back must have hit a slippery spot, no injuries to report there.

IMG_2387 IMG_2388 IMG_2392

My nephew, Owen, decided upon their arrival it was time to start practicing…..he’s in third

grade and his practice session also coincided with the annual Spring college rodeo that happens

every year ….and his sudden desire to be a Cowboy 🙂

IMG_2403 IMG_2402 IMG_2398


The ponies are glad to see Spring arriving, the green grass is their favorite part…..followed in a close

second by getting rid of their itchy winter coats……which in turn seems to become part of any piece of

my clothing I wear near them……….horse hair everywhere, it goes well with the dog hair.

IMG_2450 IMG_2448 IMG_2445 IMG_2444 IMG_2439 IMG_2435 IMG_2424 IMG_2423 IMG_2418 IMG_2417 IMG_2411


  1. Alice

    Wonderful images and nice end to the weekend, thanks Michele.

  2. Crissen

    I live in horse country here in SoCal, but much prefer the Montana background over our low desert scrub (and drought). Your horse(s) look very handsome and content.

    • Michele

      Thanks, they are loving the green grass….I hate the shedding.

  3. markq

    Excellent photographs Michele! My cousin in Colorado works with roping calves.

  4. Hoffstock

    Beautiful pictures! Missing farm life…sigh..

  5. Karl7

    Love it!


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