Summer Trading Is Here

Summer Trading Is Here


Summer has arrived here in Montana, which means summer trading has as well.

Summer trading can be a slow at times, one of the advantages of swing trading is that we

are giving the trades more time to work……..holding from several days to a few weeks and with

set risk can give swing traders time to get out and enjoy summer more.

 Here are a few examples of trades we took recently at TradeontheFly.

SHOP we entered 6/9 on a break thru resistance at 27.60 and exited  6/17 at 38.79 for a very

healthy 40% gain.


FRSH had a very nice symmetrical triangle and was on watch for a break, the setup

triggered 6/10 at 17.65  and was closed 6/17 at 21.89 for 24% gain.



I hope you all are able to get out and enjoy your summer! Please feel free to check out the 5 day trial on TradeontheFly

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    Beautiful pictures!


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