Thoughts on Using Multiple Time Frames In Your Trading

Thoughts on Using Multiple Time Frames In Your Trading


Whether you are new to swing trading or are coming from day to swing trading it is important to consider multiple time frames in your trading and to adjust your mind set. With swing trading we are trying to hold the stock for a longer time frame and larger gains, the big issue that arises for many is that stocks do not go straight up. They move higher then they either pull back or consolidate before they move higher again. This requires patience and an understanding of the price action, and evaluating the price action on more than a one minute chart. Using longer intraday time frames such as 60 minute charts can help smooth out the intraday volatility and can help get a better understanding of the trend in this time frame.

I discuss some of this in my webinar from June 18.

Here are a few examples of trades closed last week for TradeontheFly.

RDUS was entered 6/17 at $52 and closed 6/24 at $64.89 for a 24% gain.


ATRA was entered 6/15 at $46.10 and closed 6/23 at $54.29 for a 17.9% gain.


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