Happy Halloween from the dogs………only 2 were victims of having to participate in

wearing a costume this year, hopefully next year they will all be suited up.



Getting everyone to sit still at once is always a challenge………..lots of STAY STAY STAY…..

and then trying to get everyone looking the same way with their ears up…..

Cowboy was sure he was in trouble and that I was going to put a silly costume on him.

IMG_3515 IMG_3520

Bella knew the drill and there were a few mentions of “Snacks” so she was a willing participant.

IMG_3521 IMG_3523 IMG_3522

Lily was fine with having pictures as long as her ball was within sight

and that someone would throw it for her when we were done.

IMG_3536 IMG_3539

After the silliness of the Halloween picture taking was over we went out into the pasture for whatever fun they wanted to have……..mostly chasing sticks for Abby, Bella, and Lily

IMG_3542 IMG_3548 - Copy IMG_3552 - Copy IMG_3553 - Copy IMG_3557 - Copy IMG_3558 - Copy IMG_3563 - Copy IMG_3566 - Copy IMG_3567 - Copy IMG_3570 - Copy

Cowboy usually doesn’t participate much in the chasing of the sticks……he’s

much more interested in following his nose to whatever it may find.  What you

can not see from the pictures is the fact that his little tail is always wagging

about a million miles an hour and the closer he gets to whatever he smells

the faster it goes.

IMG_3574 - Copy IMG_3571 - Copy
IMG_3578 IMG_3580

Getting him to come up for air and a picture of his handsome face takes about

25 times of me saying “Cowboy” and then maybe…..


It was a good day for all.

IMG_3577 - Copy IMG_3582 IMG_3586


  1. Michael

    Love them dogs! Our 2 labs escaped costumes this year…lol. ?

  2. hawk_trades

    Lily is such a gorgeous dog!! Love her. 😉

  3. Dan

    If doggies and babies ran this world what a much more wonderful place it would be.

  4. kathig77

    Such adorable dogs! Do you still have your cat, the boss of the dogs?

    • Michele

      Yes we still have Stella, I think she was inside sleeping on the couch 🙂

  5. Truman

    Those are great pics!! Love them all. I guess the only question is, does Bella ever not look at the camera LOL. What a crew. Fantastic one and all. Thank you for sharing those.

    • Michele

      Bella does seem to enjoy the camera………she is a princess/farm dog 🙂


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