Live Well, Laugh Often, and Love Much

Live Well, Laugh Often, and Love Much


logan 2

( these pictures were just 3 weeks ago on the hunting trip with Corey, Lane and a friend  )


Thank you all for your patience, kind thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time for our family.

Logan, my stepson is 24, and went in to cardiac arrest 2 am Wednesday morning at his home in Spokane.

We don’t know why…he was healthy with no prior heart issues…….there are a few heart attacks

in older family members on his mom’s side.

His girlfriend immediately started CPR and called 911, the fire station was about 5 minutes from his house and they

arrived very quickly to take over……they continued to work to bring Logan back for 40 minutes and shocked his

heart 6 times, once he had a pulse and was stable they transported him to Sacred  Heart Medical.  The news was

very grave and we did not know if he would still be with us when we all arrived in Spokane.  He was put into a

medically induced coma for 24 hours and his body temperature lowered to help protect his brain…….his condition

had improved some by Wednesday night and Thursday morning they started warming him back up and began

withdrawing the medicine keeping him in a coma, late Thursday afternoon he did wake up and later they were

able to remove his breathing tube.  At this point it was A. amazing he was still alive and B. that there was no

neurological damage…..he had some very short term issues relating to not knowing what  happend, where

he was, what day it was, but that was not unexpected.  When I saw him Thursday he recognized me right away

and asked what day it was…….Thursday I said……..his response was classic Logan……”f**k I am missing the game”,

as he is a die hard football fan, very specifically the Vikings………who at that point in the evening were losing.  We told

him of all of his family members who were there to see him ,he couldn’t believe so many were there and asked

if he was dying………….however shortly after that informed me that he was not dying until the Vikings

won the Super Bowl…….I gladly informed him I thought he would have a very long life.

photo 1 (1)

 Friday he continued to improve and the short term memory issue were lessened…… this morning

he was much improved and finally able to keep some food down.  His heart when he came in was

only working at 25% and by Saturday it was up to 65%……..they will be implanting a defibrillator on either

Monday or Tuesday which he will have for the rest of his life.

 Amazing to say the least and we are so grateful  that his girlfriend, Ellie, was there as she saved his

life and that the paramedics who worked on him did not give up.

The nurses and doctors, but especially the nurses he has had in the CICU at

Sacred Heart were unreal in the care they have given him.  He is not out of the woods yet and has a long

road of recovery ahead of him, but the doctors have said, given  what happend,  he’s doing  better than could have

been expected.  Corey and Julie (his mom) will be staying out there with him as long as needed and I will travel

back to take a shift if needed………we should know much more by the end of next week on his road to recovery.

This certainly sharply focuses what is truly important in life and we are so thankful to still have

Logan with us…………and to everyone who has kept Logan in their thoughts and prayers for us.  I will

be back to my regular schedule Monday and will have scans out tomorrow, barring setbacks with Logan.

photo 2

(Logan with his sister…Lindsay, brother….Lane, and gf….Ellie)


  1. Michael

    Great news. Very fortunate young man in that he survived and that he has so many family and friends to support him. Sill sending prayers from this end. Hope you’re ok.

    • Michele

      I am doing well, thank you…….very tired but very thankful 🙂

  2. Gregory Arrindell

    Sorry to hear this Michelle. Stay strong and take things easy. All will be fine. Long time since we’ve been in contact. God bless you and your family.
    Gregory Arrindell

  3. steve faulkner

    Thats great news. Maybe he has wpw syndrome. A common condition in young adults whom have a cardiac arrest of un known origin. Sometimes a ep study can i ifentify the irregular rythm. Then they ablate or burn the area in the heart causing this irregular rythm. Anyway i am from mn and tell him the new stadium is huge and kickass. This may hive the vikings the needed amo to win a superbowl.

  4. John

    Sending my prayers to you and your family. Glad to hear things are getting better

  5. Sue

    My goodness, that puts everything in perspective doesn’t it. What an amazing story of love, keeping the faith and family. Keeping you all in our prayers. Travel safe and I say SHEW takes on a whole new meaning here 🙂

  6. Bryce B

    Glad to hear the good news, thoughts and prayers still coming your way from Billings. Bryce

  7. John

    I have seen many miracles in my career and this is nothing short of one — Logan was allowed to stay for some very important reason – my thoughts and prayers are with you all

  8. Sandy & Bill

    We are so happy to hear that he is doing so well.
    Bill & Sandy

  9. OC-Trader85

    So glad he is getting better. Best wishes to you and your family.

  10. ConfusingHappiness

    So happy to hear he’s ok!

  11. BobZune

    I am happy to hear the good news! I hope he continues his quick recovery.


  12. Dorothy Fuller

    You are all in my prayers. Will be anxiously looking for updates.

  13. ken

    Michele, glad to here your son is on the mend. And thank you for sharing so openly with us. It’s always shocking when something like this happens to someone so young and healthy but it’s also an important reminder to us all about what’s really important in life. Best wishes.


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