Trading Setups

Trading Setups

You guys and gals are great, thanks for sending all the pictures of your trading setups…I love to

see how and what others are doing.


The first two pictures here come from a member from Leon, Nicaragua in his 100 year old Spanish colonial

home on the indoor/outdoor veranda…..sounds amazing to me after all of the cold weather we have

had here…….I like to listen to Harry Potter part of the day while I trade, he likes to play the

keyboard…..only downfall he said is the mosquitoes…..thus the bug zapper on one end of the





We have many part time traders as part of the community who trade before/after/during their

outside full time jobs.





And not to forget our trading buddies……….love the view out of the window here.





This is my setup, I was going to clean it up before I took the pictures, but just decided it is what it is living

in the middle of a remodel…….still trying to figure out what I want to do for built-ins here in my office and then

how/if I will incorporate my stand/sit desk into it, I have one more 29″ monitor to add in here……

Of course the dogs and all of their dog beds are always ever-present…….glad to  finally have room on the wall for my bull elk

from my hunt several years ago.





All I can say here is wow……..I would love all the screen real estate!!


Love the clean look here and I am going to have to get online to find his yoda sign on the desk 🙂


  1. dirkjan

    Great to see indeed! Next time let’s include faces and handles and cities. (didn’t submit because I’m in Bangalore now, not Mumbai. ? is my setup)

  2. kencoach

    Several of these setups have a “vertical” looking screen attached to the left or the right sometimes left and right of the main screen, what kind of screens are those? i.e. Name dimensions things like that?


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