Trade Plan: Step Two….Entering the Trade

We are doing a four step series on developing a strong trade plan over the next few weeks. We will be covering these four steps:


  1. Identifying the setup
  2. Entering the trade
  3. Managing the trade
  4. Exiting the trade

This week we are looking at step two……..entering the trade.  If you missed step one you can review it here


  1. Gaurav

    How do you prepare your watchlist?

  2. Kathy klenk

    Excellent, thank you. I’m finding regardless of whether I’ve heard before I’m needing to constantly review even the basics. Can’t wait til I’ve been doing this long enough where it’s all second nature. All that to say, thank you for educational video. Why I love InvestorsUnderground too, review at least one video every weekend


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