Why Swing Trade??

Why Swing Trading:   Swing trading gives the setups room and time to work with set risk.  How many times do you look back at a setup you have traded and say…….”if I had only held it longer?”  Most good setups need time to continue to play out.  Maybe you work...

No Plan, No Trade

No Plan, No Trade   The markets ready to open and you are ready to start trading, well really to make all that money that traders make…...right? The market opens and green and red flash on your screen. You see the top names in the % gainers list and XYZ is...

About Me

About Me

My name is Michele aka offshorehunters and I’ve been a full time trader since 2001. I live in Montana and love most anything outdoors…….especially fly-fishing, riding my horses, bow hunting, and hiking ………Read More